ACPE Emeritus Supervisors
Southeast Region

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The status of Emeritus Supervisor may be conferred on individuals by the ACPE Board of Representatives on recommendation of a region. The intent of the status is to honor these persons for contributions they have made to students and to the CPE movement over a period of years. In order to be considered by the Board, the individual must:

  1. Have been a CPE Supervisor for a minimum of 10 years and maintained active certification status up until the time of retirement.
  2. Qualify for ACPE Retired Supervisor membership.
  3. Be recommended to the Board by a Region.

Jerry P. Alexander
Donald E. Bratton
Finley B. Brown
William A. Derstine
Riley Eubank, Jr.
A. Kempton Haynes, Jr.
Wilford C. Manley
Dan A. McRight
John H. Patton
Roland W. Rainwater
Joseph M. Slade, Jr.
Milton D. Snyder
Richard E. Stewart
Thomas A. Summers
C. Todd Walter
Charles A Weinrich
Taliaferro L. Williamson, Jr.
O. Chappell Wilson, Jr.
Harold M. Yoder