Sample Interview Formats

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Format # 1

  1. Share a significant experience from your first CPE unit.

  2. Describe a significant learning experience in your process of becoming a CPE Supervisor.

  3. What comes to mind when you think about each of your Supervisory training supervisors?

  4. What stands out about the committee experience in which you were fully certified?

  5. Share a significant moment in your experience of supervising a student.

  6. When and how did you first become involved in the SERACPE?

  7. What was going on during that time? (significant persons, movements, etc.)

  8. What is your perception of how the region's identity has changed since it's inception?

  9. How has the region's governance evolved into what it is today?

  10. What other significant events do you think are most significant to the region's history?

  11. When were you the most involved, energized, excited about being part of the region?

  12. How has your involvement in the region influenced your supervision?

  13. What gifts has the region given to you?

  14. What SERACPE elders and peers have been most significant to you over the years?

  15. What gifts do you bring to the region and how can the region best utilize you?

  16. What are 3 wishes you have for the future of SERACPE?

  17. What else would you like to share in the time we have left?

Format # 2

  1. Where were you born? Did you grow up there?

  2. Tell about some of your childhood experiences.

  3. At what point in your life did you feel a call to ministry, and how did that happen?

  4. What brought you to CPE?

  5. Who was your first CPE Supervisor, and what was that relationship like?

  6. What significant experiences do you recall from the time you were a CPE student?

  7. Tell a little about each of the people who supervised you?

  8. How came you to decide to pursue certification as a CPE Supervisor?

  9. When and where were you certified as a CPE Supervisor?

  10. What was your certification process like?

  11. Who had major influences on you in the process?

  12. In what settings have you supervised CPE students over the years?

  13. What are the most important changes in ACPE in the year's you've supervised?

  14. Are you doing any supervision presently?

  15. How are you spending your time these days?

  16. What is your faith group relationship?

  17. How active are you in regional and national ACPE activities?

  18. Have you supervised anyone who is presently an ACPE Supervisor?

  19. As you consider ACPE=s present and immediate future, what concerns you the most?

  20. As you consider ACPE=s present and immediate future, what gives you the most hope?