The J. Obert Kempson Distinguished Service Award

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The award is made by the Southeast Region History Committee to those persons who have rendered distinguished service to the Southeast Region, ACPE, Inc. Since the award was established to honor J. Obert Kempson, his distinguished service will remain a comparative standard by which future awards will be made.

The following suggestive criteria was approved by the Executive Committee in 1981:
  1. Outstanding ministry of pastoral care of parishioners,
  2. Exellence in the art of clinical pastoral supervision,
  3. Significant contributions to the literature of the field,
  4. Leadership service to the church and to pastoral care organizations.

Past Recipients

1988Thomas H. McDill*
E. Augustus Verdery*
1989Charles A. Gerkin*
1990George F. Colgin* 1991Riley Eubank
1992No one. 1993No one.
1994Liston A. Mills* 1995Douglas C. Turley, Jr.*
Milton P. Snyder
1996John Patton 1997Anne Titshaw*
1998Thomas A. Summers
Imogene Bennett*
1999Jerry Alexander
William A. Dantzler
2000Jasper N. Keith, Jr. 2001O. Chappell Wilson, Jr.
2002Marilyn Mayse*
Franklin Duncan
2003Joe Boone Abbott
2004Peter Keese 2005Phil Summerlin
2006No one. 2007Charles Berger
2008Kempton Haynes 2009Larry D. Wagoner
2010Gene Locke 2011W. Benson Thomas
2012Eugene Robinson 2013Tollie and Jerry Williamson

(*designates deceased recipients)