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Early Days Of CPE in Atlanta A presentation made at St. Bart's Episcopal Church, November 2, 2007
A History of the SERACPE A History of the South East Region ACPE Presented by Jap Keith, Spring 2007
Supervisor Interviews
Interview with Jerry Alexander Jerry Alexander interviewed by Carson Rogerson
Interview with Bill Baugh Interviewed by Ed Wilder, March 22, 2007
Interview with Imogene Bennett Interviewed by John Thomas, September, 1998
Interview with Riley Eubank Interviewed by John Thomas, May 4, 1996
Interview with Bob Gary Interviewed by Kempton Haynes, May 2, 2008
Interview with Kempton Haynes Interviewed by Phil Summerlin, October 1, 2007
Interview with Hayden Howell Interview with Hayden Howell
Inerview with Obert Kempson Interviewed by Tom Cole
Interview with Marilyn Mayse Interviewed by Cristina Stevens, March 23, 2007
Interview with Dale Owen Interviewed by Jap Keith, March 23, 2007
Interview with Milton Snyder Interviewed by John Thomas, September 1998
Interview with Tom Summers Interviewed on October 8, 2009
Interview with Benson Thomas Interviewed by Ed WIlder
Interview with Earl Troglin Interviewed by Dean Luther, Spring, 2007
Interview with Tolly Williamson Interviewed by Kempton Haynes, March 16, 2012
Interview with Chappell Wilson Interviewed by Kempton Haynes, August 14, 2008
Interview with Don Winslett Interviewed by Wes Montalcone, January 25, 2008