Volume XXXIV                 Number 2

This Quarterly publication of the Southeast Region of The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education is produced by the Southeast Regional Director, Jasper Keith, 15 Berkley Road, Avondale Estates, GA. 30002, Office: 404-378-1777, Home 404-501-0842, email: jnkjr@aol.com, fax: 404-636-5340

Officers for 2002: Chairperson: Peter Keese,  Chair Elect: Ray Otto, Secretary: Diana Norman, 404-378-1777; Fax.- 404-636-5340 E-mail: jnkjr@aol.com,  Treasurer: Jasper Keith


SERACPE Annual Continuing Education Conference October 3 - 4, 2002, 

Holiday Inn, Decatur Georgia


The Changing Faces of Theological Education: Implications for Clinical Pastoral Education

Keynote Speakers: 

Sharon L. Miller, PH.D.

Associate Director, Center for the Study of Theological Education, Auburn Theological Seminary


Rodney Hunter, PH.D.

Professor of Pastoral Theology, Candler School of Theology, Emory University


Sharon Miller will present results of research that the Center of the Study of Theological Education conducted concerning the demographic changes taking place in the student populations entering seminaries and schools of theology.

Rodney Hunter will assist us in understanding how these changes are impacting Clinical Pastoral Education and Supervision.


Make your own lodging reservation

for the

Annual meeting /Continuing Education Conference

Single room rate only $79, plus 14% tax. Cut off date, Sept 1, 2002 at 12 noon at the Holiday Inn Conference Center, 130 Clairmont Road, Decatur Georgia, 30030, Phone: 404-371-0204


You might be interested to know the number of CPE units registered in 2001 for each center in the Southeast region, ACPE .....1,075

Also, four centers registered 80 plus units: Emory, Tri-Hospitals, The Verdery Center  and Palmetto Health Alliance...

Three centers registered 40 to 50 units: Ingalls, Baptist Health in South Florida, Methodist Healthcare Memphis...

Eight Centers registered 30 to 40 units: Carraway, Florida, Tampa, GAPC, Greenville,  CACPE, University TN Medical Center, VAMC Nashville...

Nine centers registered 20 to 30 units: University Birmingham, Baptist Pensacola, Baptist Jacksonville, Jackson Miami, NCH Naples, CCI, Bon Secours, VAMC Memphis, VAMC Mountain Home...

Eleven centers registered less than 20 units: Shands, DDE Augusta, Southern Regional, St. Francis, St Luke's, VAMC Atlanta, Midlands, Self,  SCDC, Spartanburg,  Johnson City.

Peer Reviews to be scheduled

The following supervisors are due or overdue for a peer review in 2002:

  • Calvin Banks, Alan Bell, Charles Berger, Chuck Carpenter, Jim Coffman, AL Galloway, Peter Keese, Bob Morris, Tom Mozley, Ray Otto, John Patton, Thom Phillips, Gene Robinson, Dick Stewart, Mary Rae Waller, John Whitwell, Don Winslett,                                             
  • Anyone who received certification in in 1997, 
  • Any supervisor who has moved into the region in 1999 or earlier who has not has a peer review in this region in the past five years.

The following had their last  peer review in 1997, and are due for a review in 2002: 

  • Kerry Duncan, Deryck Durston, Kempton Haynes, Will Manley, Keith Munford, Don Norris, and Chuck Pieplow.

Contact Phil Summerlin (summerph@erlanger.org or 423-778-7177) if:

  1. You want to schedule a review in Decatur; 
  2. You need more information about peer reviews;
  3. You are willing to serve on a peer review committee (please, we need colleagues on Wed pm and Sat am.

Fall Meeting of the Southeast Region, ACPE

Holiday Inn Conference Center

Decatur, Georgia 30030


Pre-Conference Schedule ( tentative )


Tuesday, October 1, 2002  

7:00 pm  Certification Committee Dinner Meeting

Decatur Presbyterian Church
Wednesday, October 2, 2002  

8:30 am  Certification Sub-Committee Meetings 

Suites at Holiday Inn
Sub-Committee A                    

Sub-Committee B                    

Sub-Committee C                    

Sub-Committee D                    






12:15 pm  Lunch for Committee Members


1:30 pm    Certification Sub-Committee Meetings
same as above
1:30 pm    Peer Reviews
Decatur Presbyterian Church
4:00 pm    Annual Conference Committee Meeting
4:30 pm    Training Event for Supervising Supervisors and SIT's 
5:00 pm    Regional Directors Advisory Committee
Decatur Presbyterian Church
6: 00 pm   Dinner for Committee Members
(on your own)
6:00 pm    Administrative Board Dinner and Meeting
Keith Home
Thursday, October 3, 2002  
8:15 am    Certification Sub-Committee Meetings
same as above
Sub-Committee A                    

Sub-Committee B                    

Sub-Committee C                    

Sub-Committee D                    






8:30 am    Accreditation
Mary Gay Room 
                  Standing Committees as Called by Chairs
12:00 pm  Luncheon: Coordinating Council
1:00 pm   Worship
Swanton Amphitheatre
2:00 pm   SERACPE Annual Business Meeting
Swanton Amphitheater
5:30 pm   Reception
Mary Gay Room
6:30 pm   Banquet Dinner / Dance
Friday, October 4, 2002  
8:00 am    Continuing Education Conference
Swanton Amphitheatre
12:00 pm  Lunch for all Registrants
1:30 pm    Continuing Education Conference
Swanton Amphitheatre
Saturday, October 5, 2002  
8:30 am     Peer Review
Decatur Presbyterian Church
9:45 am     Peer Review
Decatur Presbyterian Church
11:00 am   Peer Review.....also check out time from Motel

Attention Supervisors and SIT's... 

A two part workshop: The Supervisory Training Process and Diversity Issues within CPE Learning, 

Thursday, October 3, 2002, 10 am, At the Regional Meeting

We're on the web!!!

At last the Southeast Region, ACPE is on the web. Check us out at www.seracpe.org. We need all of you to publicize this news among your students and supervisors. The newsletter be on the web also, so if you do not have access to the web, please let us know and the newsletter will be mailed to you. If you see anything on the web site that needs to be changed, corrected or added, let us know that also and our webmaster at the ACPE office will make the changes. We hope this will be a help to all of you as you continue your work with ACPE in the Southeast Region.  Thank You, Diana Norman, Secretary, Southeast Region ACPE


Please give your opinions! 


The ACPE Board of Representatives has asked its members to seek responses from regional members to the following two questions: 


1) How valuable is the national meeting considering the time and costs? Are there4  alternate models for gathering and receiving continuing education?


2) How effective is the Board of Representatives in doing ACPE business? (Scale: 1 = low to 5+ high)  What would be the advantages of having one representative per region instead of two? The disadvantages?


Please email your responses to:

  Jerry Alexander, jalexander3@sc.rr.com 


Will Manley, wilford.manley@med.va.gov .


"You are history..." 


Rocky sandy soil can't grow much

The rain wont soak in

Not much smell

Walk on it and you are on the surface

It hurts your feet.


Dark loam with compost grows a lot

The rain soaks in

it has an earthy living smell

Walk on it: you sink in and 

your feet get dirty.


When I am history

I want to be compost:

Helping things to grow,

Soaking up the rain,

Making deep brown stains on the tender feet..


Dan DeArment, July 3, 2002

On the occasion of the final meeting of the Daniel C. DeArment Supervisory Education Consortium, July 19, 2002




The SERACPE Continuing Education Conference

October 1 - 5. 2002

 Holiday Inn Conference Center

130 Clairmont Road

Decatur, Georgia 30030


Please complete and Return by September 10th to:

Jap Keith

15 Berkley Road

Avondale Estates, GA 30002

Fax: 404-636-5340


I will be arriving on _________________________ (date) at __________________ (time) and I will be lodging at the Holiday Inn (___). I will NOT be lodging at the Holiday Inn, but you may reach me during the time of the conference at _________________________(phone) or via email __________________________.

I will be participating in peer reviews on Wednesday afternoon, October 2, (___) and / or Saturday morning, October 5 (___). I do  ___ want to be scheduled for my own peer review on Wednesday (___) or Saturday (___)

Register me for the following events: 

Continuing Education Program:

 Supervisor fee,                              $75.00  $_______
Clinical Member                           $50.00 $_______
Spouse                                             $25.00 $_______
Student                                            $25.00 $_______
Non-Member                                 $ 30.00 $_______
Banquet, Thursday Evening        $30.00 $_______
Luncheon, Friday,                         $15.00 $_______
Total Cost (send check to Keith by September 10, 2002        $___________


Name: ________________________________ CPE Center: _________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________________________
Fax: _______________________________________ email: _________________________________________
Person to notify in case of emergency: ___________________________________________________________
How notification is to be made: ________________________________________________________________





Chairperson: Peter Keese, 205-502-6165; Fax: 205-502-5879; E-mail: peterkeese@aol.com
Chair-elect: Ray Otto, 305-585-2529; Fax: 305-585-5033; E-mail: Rotto@med.miami.edu
Secretary: Diana Norman, 404-378-1777; Fax.- 404-636-5340 E-mail: jnkjr@aol.com
Treasurer: Jap Keith, 404-378-1777; Fax.- 404-636-5340; E-mail: jnkjr@aol.com
Accreditation: Todd Walter, 864-560-6157; Fax: 864-560-6035; E-mail: lstaggs@srhs.com
Annual Conf./Ct. Ed: Robin Booth, 404-253-3256; Fax:404-253-3267; E-mail: robin.booth@gbhcs.org
Budget & Investment: Woody Spackman, 404-728-6466; Fax: 404-727-4121; mail: espackman@emory.edu
Certification: Charles Berger, 803-434-7555; Fax: 803-434-68977: E-mail: Charies.Berger@Paimettohealth.org
History: Co-chairs, Chappell Wilson, 404-253-3258; Fax: 404-253-3267; E-mail: chappell.wilson@gbhcs.org  / Tom Summers, 803-788-1528; Fax: 803-788-6950; E-mail: tomsumm@aol.com
Long Range Development: Gene Locke, 404-851-8752;Fax: 404-250-1317; E-mail:  gene.locke@northside.com
Peer Review: Phil Summerlin, 423-778-7177; Fax: 423-778-7723; E-mail: summerph@erlangerorg
REM: Jackie Henderson Chatman, 205-592-1563; Fax: 205-592-515 1; E-mail: Jacquelin.Henderson@bhsala.com
Representation & Nominations: Irene Henderson, 803-296-5585; Fax: 803-296-5061;  E-mail: Irene.Henderson@PalmettoHealth.org
Research: Ward Knights, 305-585-2529; Fax: 305-585-5562; E-mail: wardknights@juno.com
Seminary/Denom. Relations: Kempton Haynes, 404-874-2220; 404-486-8848; Fax: 404-872-4409
Standards: Robin Brown-Haithco, 404-616-4273; Fax 404-616-8572; E-mail: rhaithco@gmh.edu